Liquid Organic Fertilizer - AGROLINIJA-S

Instructions for use

Packaging: 1l, 5l, 25l, 1000l

This new generation organic fertilizer is derived from composted beef cattle manure and leonardite humic acids. The use of innovative hydrodynamic cavitation  technology (HTD) allows producing a highly effective fertilizer in the form of a concentrate. Due to its composition and properties, the fertilizer is most beneficial when applied by foliar feeding. In terms of composition, the fertilizer has high content of the bio actives microorganisms, basic NPK macronutrients, trace elements (Fe, B, Co, Cu, Mn, Mo, Zn, I) and humic and fulvic acids. The fertilizer is suitable for all plants grown in open fields or raised soil beds, including vegetable growing, gardening, berry growing, floriculture and fertilization of ornamental plants during the vegetative growth period. AGROLINIJA-S is of stable form and easy to transport or spray both for amateurs and professionals who use various modern automated sprayers and watering systems.

For processing:

  • When foliar fertilizing, treating the 1 hectare area requires 2.0-3.0 liters of AGROLINIJA-S preparation.Dilution rate-1:120.
  • Planting material (seedlings, plant seedlings) before planting is carried out with fertilizer concentration in solution -1:300
  • Treatment of seedlings, use 500ml to 1000ml to treat 1 tonne of seeds. Usually 10 litters of finished solution
  • Flood into soil before sowing, 5.0-8.0l/ha


 The implemented innovative liquid fertiliser production equipment and technology in the Biodinamika company allows to produce products of different concentration level with higher quantities of B, Mo, Mn and humic and fulvic acids!

Liquid fertilizer "AGROLINIJA-S" for:

  • plant fertilization foliar 
  • treatment of planted material
  • using as a premix for improvement of activities of other nutrients when they are used in conjunction
  • enrichment and improvement of the soil structure


  • Chemical composition:                          w/w                         g/l

pH                                                                       8,6

Dry material                                                    5,6%                          56g/l

Total humic material                                      3,3%                         33 g/l

Humic acids                                                   2,55%                        25,3g/l

Fulvic acids                                                    0,78%                         7,7g/l

Total nitrogen  (N)                                        0,21%                        2,1g/l

Total phosphorus  (P2O5 )                          0,1%                        1,1g/l       

Potassium      (K)                                           0,4%                          4 g/l

(Fe,Ni,Cu,Zn,Ca,Mg,Na,Mo, Mn,B)               >0,15%                       2g/l

Aminoacids                                                     1%                           10g/l

Density                                                          1025g/l  


  In 2017, the company is awarded a prize of the  exhibition "Ką pasėsi...2017"-a medal and a diploma for the developed and produced liquid fertilizer product Agrolinija-S.




FiBL Projekte GmbH hereby confirms that the agricultural input product:


of the company fulfills the requirements to be listed as Fertilizers, composts, soils and technical materials (Foliar fertilizers and trace elements) in the "Input List for Organic Farming in Germany, Demeter Germany,  Demeter International, Ecovin Germany, Gaa, Naturland Germany. 

The product was evaluated according to the provision of EU legislation on organic farming (Reg. EC 834/2007 and 889/2008. The admissibility according to the legal provisions of the respective country must be kept. The keeping of the respective provisions lies in the sole responsibility of UAB BIODINAMIKA.

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The fertilizer has been fully analyzed and tested in the fields and EU-accredited laboratories with the help of the scientists at the Agroecology Center of Aleksandras Stulginskis University and various farmers. AGROLINIJA-S was found to be an effective fertilizer with the following qualities:

  • increasing the germination and seed viability 
  • improves agricultural product quality (by increasing the quantity of gluten, sugar, oil, starch, vitamins, grain quality and reducing the nitrate levels)
  • increasing the efficiency of use of chemical and biological plant protection products (their quantity can be reduced by 10-30%)
  • higher resistance to unfavourable environmental factors
  • improvement of physical and chemical soil properties, binding heavy metals and poisonous chemical elements
  • increasing the amount of humus in the soil and restoring the soil fertility
  • Overall stimulation of plant growth processes
  • Accelerated ripening of vegetables, fruit and berries and longer harvesting period
  • Better pathogen resistance


With the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides down by 30-50%, Agrolinija-S can decrease your costs and yield a healthier harvest!

Suitable for use in organic production pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.


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