Instructions for use

Liquid Organic Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner - AGROLINIJA-S

Packaging: 1l, 5l, 25l, 1000l

This new generation organic fertilizer is derived from composted beef cattle manure and leonardite humic acids. The use of innovative hydrodynamic cavitation  technology allows producing a highly effective fertilizer in the form of a concentrate. Due to its composition and properties, the fertilizer is most beneficial when applied by foliar feeding. In terms of composition, the fertilizer has high content of the bio actives microorganisms, basic NPK macronutrients, trace elements (Fe, B, Co, Cu, Mn, Mo, Zn, I) and humic and fulvic acids. The fertilizer is suitable for all plants grown in open fields or raised soil beds, including vegetable growing, gardening, berry growing, floriculture and fertilization of ornamental plants during the vegetative growth period. AGROLINIJA-S is of stable form and easy to transport or spray both for amateurs and professionals who use various modern automated sprayers and watering systems.

For processing:

  • When foliar fertilizing, treating the 1 hectare area requires 2.0-3.0 liters of AGROLINIJA-S preparation.Dilution rate-1:120.
  • Planting material (seedlings, plant seedlings) before planting is carried out with fertilizer concentration in solution -1:300
  • Treatment of seedlings, use 500ml to 1000ml to treat 1 tonne of seeds. Usually 10 litters of finished solution
  • Flood into soil before sowing, 5.0-8.0l/ha


 The implemented innovative liquid fertiliser production equipment and technology in the Biodinamika company allows to produce products of different concentration level with higher quantities of B, Mo, Mn and humic and fulvic acids!

Liquid fertilizer "AGROLINIJA-S" for:

  • plant fertilization foliar 
  • treatment of planted material
  • using as a premix for improvement of activities of other nutrients when they are used in conjunction
  • enrichment and improvement of the soil structure


  • Chemical composition:                          w/w                         g/l

pH                                                                       8,6

Dry material                                                    5,6%                          56g/l

Total humic material                                      3,3%                         33 g/l

Humic acids                                                   2,55%                        25,3g/l

Fulvic acids                                                    0,78%                         7,7g/l

Total nitrogen  (N)                                        0,21%                        2,1g/l

Total phosphorus  (P2O5 )                          0,1%                        1,1g/l       

Potassium      (K)                                           0,4%                          4 g/l

(Fe,Ni,Cu,Zn,Ca,Mg,Na,Mo, Mn,B)               >0,15%                       2g/l

Aminoacids                                                     1%                           10g/l

Density                                                          1025g/l  


  In 2017, the company is awarded a prize of the  exhibition "Ką pasėsi...2017"-a medal and a diploma for the developed and produced liquid fertilizer product Agrolinija-S.




FiBL Projekte GmbH hereby confirms that the agricultural input product:


of the company fulfills the requirements to be listed as Fertilizers, composts, soils and technical materials (Foliar fertilizers and trace elements) in the "Input List for Organic Farming in Germany, Demeter Germany,  Demeter International, Ecovin Germany, Gaa, Naturland Germany. 

The product was evaluated according to the provision of EU legislation on organic farming (Reg. EC 834/2007 and 889/2008. The admissibility according to the legal provisions of the respective country must be kept. The keeping of the respective provisions lies in the sole responsibility of UAB BIODINAMIKA.


The fertilizer has been fully analyzed and tested in the fields and EU-accredited laboratories with the help of the scientists at the Agroecology Center of Aleksandras Stulginskis University and various farmers. AGROLINIJA-S was found to be an effective fertilizer with the following qualities:

  • increasing the germination and seed viability 
  • improves agricultural product quality (by increasing the quantity of gluten, sugar, oil, starch, vitamins, grain quality and reducing the nitrate levels)
  • increasing the efficiency of use of chemical and biological plant protection products (their quantity can be reduced by 10-30%)
  • higher resistance to unfavourable environmental factors
  • improvement of physical and chemical soil properties, binding heavy metals and poisonous chemical elements
  • increasing the amount of humus in the soil and restoring the soil fertility
  • Overall stimulation of plant growth processes
  • Accelerated ripening of vegetables, fruit and berries and longer harvesting period
  • Better pathogen resistance


With the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides down by 30-50%, Agrolinija-S can decrease your costs and yield a healthier harvest!

Suitable for use in organic production pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.


Instructions for use

Granular Organic Fertilizer - AGROLINIJA-GRAN

Packaging: 25 kg, 600-1000 kg

This organic fertilizer is derived from composted beef cattle manure. The composting process is based on highly advanced composting technology which involves no stimulants. The manure undergoes several stages of processing, i.e. maturation, drying and crushing to the particle size best suited for the production of granular fertilizer. AgrolinijaGran fertilizer is free of the usual strong odor. It dissolves in water quickly and has high content of valuable nutrients. While having no effect on soil pH, granular fertilizer tends to stimulate electron exchange of phosphorus, potassium and total nitrogen in soil and to increase the quantity of organic carbon and humus. The fertilizer can be used for all plants as well as in organic agriculture.

  • NPK 3-1,5-7
  • 100% natural pathogen and weed-free product,
  • Controlled-release fertilizer increases the yield and improves the quality parameters of the harvest,
  • Restores the humus in case of exhausted soil and improves physical and agrochemical characteristics,
  • In addition to such ultratrace elements as selenium and iodine, granulated fertilizer is enriched with organic elements, macronutrients and trace elements,
  • Cutting-edge technology for localized placement of granular fertilizer for agricultural plants. Localized placement is the most efficient type of granular fertilizer application.
  • In production does NOT use GMO.


In cases of soil exhaustion, high of organics elements is most important and irreplaceable to soil restoration. No chemical or mineral fertilizers are as effective!

Suitable for use in organic production pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.


Instructions for use

Fine Organic Compost - AGROLINIJA-MK

Packaging:  500-1000 kg, 1l, 6l, 15l

Agrolinija-MK is an organic and clean compost derived from beet cattle manure. The composting process is based on highly advanced composting technology allowing for a quick, high quality and stimulant-free composting of cattle manure.

The compost-turned manure undergoes technology-aided drying and processing. The end result is a compost with 15% of moisture and fine particles of 0.1-1.0 mm in size.

The compost was thoroughly analyzed in several EU-accredited laboratories which confirmed that this product was of a very high value due to its nutrients, i.e. NPK macronutrients, trace elements (B, Cu, Mn, Mo, Zn, Co, Se, I) and high content of organic matter.


  •   100% natural, pathogen and weed-free, quick to dissolve in water


In cases of soil exhaustion, high content of organic elements is most important and irreplaceable to soil restoration. No chemical or mineral fertilizers are as effective! Suitable for use in organic production pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.

Instructions for use

Organic Soil Improver/Gel - AGROLINIJA BIOGEL

 Concentrated gel of 100% natural organic origin is a source of organic matter, micro and macro nutrients, humic and fulvic acids for soil, produced from beef cattle manure compost using innovative technology. BIOGEL contains organic carbon, bioactive microorganisms, macro (N, P, K) and  micro (Fe, B, Mo, Mn, Cu, Zn, Ca, Se) nutritions, and humic and fulvic acids.

To be used for:

  • - Improvement of soil productivity properties
  • -Treatment of seed sand planting material
  • - Fertilizing through watering systems, capillary watering to plant root zone
  • - Stimulate mineralization processes of stubble and straw remnants
  • - Suitable for all sorts of agricultural  crops


Composition :                                                 w/w                     g/l

pH                                                                       8,5

Total amount of organic substances           47%                550g/l

Total amount of humic and fulvic acids       8,7%             103 g/l

Total nitrogen  (N)                                          1,7%                20g/l

Total phosphorus (P2O5 )                            0,7%                  8,3g/l     

Total potassium (K2O)                                   6,3%                 74 g/l

(Fe,Ni,Cu,Zn,Ca,Mg,Na,Mo, Mn,B)              >1%                  12g/l

Density                                                         1,18g/1cm3    


Package:  2l, 10l, 20l,


  • It improves chemical and physical characteristics of all soils, regenerates biological activity of soil
  • Slows down erosional processes of soil and increases humus accumulation
  • Due to biological activity and humic acids, it converts nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements to form that is accessible and easy consumable
  • Reduces concentration of salts deriving from fertilizes as well as ammonia toxicity in soil
  • Stabilizes mineral nitrogen reserves in soil
  • Increases mineralization of stubble and straw remnants in soil
  • Increases seed germination and vitality
  • After seed treatment, bioactive microorganisms make up a natural barrier on the surface of plant roots and this prevents from attachment of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Improves development of root system of all kinds of plants
  • Increases natural resistance to diseases, pests and adverse weather conditions
  • Grown production gets of better quality

It is suitable to use in ecological farming according to Council Regulation (EC) Nr.834/2007 and to Council Regulation (EC) Nr.889/2008.

Usage guidelines:

For improvement of soil fertility

Spring time - pour or spray to soil before sowing or planting prepared and mixed solution with water, rate 5-10 l/ha. Amount of water 200-250l/ha.

Autumn time - pour or spray stubble or before sowing prepared and mixed solution with water, rate 6-10 l/ha. Amount of water 200-250l/ha.

The product can be mixed with soluble fertilizes after test mixing is performed. A combination  BIOGEL  +KAS  is an irreplaceable solution for watering soil in early spring.    

Seed treatment-

The solution must be utilized within 6 hours after treatment of seeds of 12-14% humidity; the seeds can be stored for one month maintaining minimal variations of temperature, rate  1.0-2.0l/t of seeds


For treatment of planting material

For treatment of seedings' roots, produce 5.0-10% concentration solution, the roots should be  soaked for 4-8h.



Watering or spraying to soil l/ha

Usage time

Cereals, rape, peas, beans, corn, sugar beets


before or after sowing



100% germinated plants (4 leaves)

Leafy vegetables


1-2 days after planting, during early growth two times, every 10-14 days.

Root vegetables


1-2 days after planting, during early growth two times, every 10-14 days.

Berry gardens (raspberries, strawberries, currants and others)


early growth once, during vegetation two times every 10-14 days.

Gardens (apple trees, pears, cherries, walnuts, and others.)


during vegetation 2-3 times


In smaller farms and gardens, the product can be used for watering by an ordinary watering-can.

Up to 0,1-0,2l of BIOGEL should be added into water and mixed thoroughly with 20l of water. Prepared solution of 0,5-1% is used for watering, it is suitable for vegetables, berries, flowers, berry bushes, in open or closed grounds.



Product BIOGEL  is to be stored in closed original package, protected from direct sun light, in dry, cool and well ventilated place, away from incompatible materials, foodstuffs and beverages. Storage temperature is +10C  to  +350C. Properly stored, the product shall retain its quality for 24 months.

Package management:

Package shall be washed and utilized according to the laws of Lithuania.


Our products are of high quality and we believe that they are suitable as mentioned herein, however, since we cannot control mixing, usage or weather conditions during usage and after, no terms and warranties shall be valid with regard to quality or suitability, and we shall not assume any responsibility for damage or injuries that occur due to storage or usage.