Biostimulator - SAPROEXTRACT

Instructions for use

To meet our customers needs and organic farms demands, Biodinamika invested a new product line and began producing fully watter soluble and organic bio stimulator in 2020 in fully separated and independent production facilities for the processing and extraction of plant-based organic sapropel. Thanks to this technology, the production of liquid concentrated fertilizer Sapro Extract for fertilizing plants, improving nutrition through leaves and roots has begun.

A unique combination of pure and bioavailable to the plant organic substances and
compounds such as micro and macro nutrients, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, proteines, fitohormones-citokinins, auxins,
carbohydrates and vitamins B, C from natural, untouched by civilization, nature, which improves
the yield properties of soils and activates plant growth processes. 

To be used for

  • Treatment of seeds and planting material roots; 
  • Fertilizing plants through leaves during vegetation; 
  • Spraying into the soil before sowing; 
  • Plant root fertilization during vegetation; 
  • Promotion of mineralization processes of stubble and straw residues; 
  • Increasing fertility and improving the quality of grown products; 
  • For enrichment and preparation of various substrates, compost or soil mixtures.


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Application and rates: 

  • For plant fertilization through leaves, use during intensive growth, 2-3 time during the growing season. Rate: 3.0 l/ha 
  • For fertilizing plants by watering, use during the growing season every 7-10 days. Rate: 1.0l/ 300-400l H2O 
  • For seed coating: 2.0l/ 1 ton of grain. 
  • For plant root treatment, make a solution of 1:100 with H2O 
  • For soil enrichment by spraying, depending on soil properties, rate: 5.0-10.0l/ha


Note for information Sapropel extraction slowly releases organic matter to plants, therefore mineralisation is slow. It is very beneficial for long-term soil improvement, as the positive effect lasts for 5 years. When sapropel is used together with manure the effect is even better, because sapropel improves not only soil fertility but also removes heavy metals from it.

Benefits to the plant: 

  • Stimulates the development of the plant's root system and accelerates further growth processes; 
  • Improves seed germination and seedling survival; 
  • Activates plant immunity and enhances photosynthesis and respiratory processes; 
  • Has anti-stress effect, increases plant resistance to adverse climatic conditions, toxins 
  • and pollution; Ÿ Improves the quality of harvest, increases the amount of vitamins and useful trace elements in fruits and vegetables; 
  • Suitable for use throughout the plant vegetation cycle; 
  • Gives the plant antidote properties with anti-stress effects during the use of pesticides;


Benefits to soil: 

  • Increases the biological activity of the soil, has a regulating effect on the natural rhizosphere microflora, promotes the multiplication of beneficial microorganisms, including nitrogen-fixing microorganisms; 
  • Improves soil moisture retention properties, heavy clay soils become looser; 
  • Helps maintain a fertile layer and humus content in problematic soils; 
  • Helps to clean the soil from pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms as well as fungal pathogens; 
  • Enriches depleted soil and makes it „work“, thus resulting in a fertile layer, and allows to increase humus content in the soil; 
  • The substrate to which sapropel is added is better at retaining moisture, this means that such soil needs less watering; 
  • Natural sorbent is capable to bind organic compounds and to protect materials against leaching.


Packaging: 25l,1000l

Recommendation for storage and use: Spray on a windless and non-sunny day, best in the morning or evening. Can be sprayed in dew or after rain. Before use, the fertilizer must be mixed. It is recommended to spray the reconstituted solution within 48 hours. Storage: The product is not dangerous, contains no chemical or mineral additives. Odourless. Non-flammable. The product is in a stable physical and chemical state, filtrated, suitable for spraying with modern automated sprayers. Suitable for transportation. It is recommended to store at a temperature of 0 - 35C, avoiding direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 24 months


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