Granular Organic Fertilizer - AGROLINIJA-GRAN

Instructions for use

Packaging: 25 kg, 600-1000 kg

This organic fertilizer is derived from composted beef cattle manure. The composting process is based on highly advanced composting technology which involves no stimulants. The manure undergoes several stages of processing, i.e. maturation, drying and crushing to the particle size best suited for the production of granular fertilizer. AgrolinijaGran fertilizer is free of the usual strong odor. It dissolves in water quickly and has high content of valuable nutrients. While having no effect on soil pH, granular fertilizer tends to stimulate electron exchange of phosphorus, potassium and total nitrogen in soil and to increase the quantity of organic carbon and humus. The fertilizer can be used for all plants as well as in organic agriculture.

  • NPK 3-1,5-7
  • 100% natural pathogen and weed-free product,
  • Controlled-release fertilizer increases the yield and improves the quality parameters of the harvest,
  • Restores the humus in case of exhausted soil and improves physical and agrochemical characteristics,
  • In addition to such ultratrace elements as selenium and iodine, granulated fertilizer is enriched with organic elements, macronutrients and trace elements,
  • Cutting-edge technology for localized placement of granular fertilizer for agricultural plants. Localized placement is the most efficient type of granular fertilizer application.
  • In production does NOT use GMO.


In cases of soil exhaustion, high of organics elements is most important and irreplaceable to soil restoration. No chemical or mineral fertilizers are as effective!

Suitable for use in organic production pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.


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